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Air conditioner maintenance tips, make your AC last longer

Air conditioning and heating systems are very important for our comfort and they are also expensive to repair or replace. With the right maintenance, you can make you’re AC last longer and avoid some of the most common problems that lead to needing to make repairs.

If it seems like you’re AC just isn’t blowing as cold as it used to, check the filter!

You should be changing or cleaning your AC filter monthly. A clogged filter means poor performance and higher energy costs. When the filter gets clogged, the condenser cannot “breathe” which causes it to freeze. If this happens, it may be too late, change your filter and try turning the unit off for a few hours to allow any ice to thaw and then turning it back on again. A great tip is to clean the filter each month when your electric bill comes!

Still not blowing cold? Low freon pressure could also be the problem. Freon can slowly escape from the outside AC unit over time, that is why it is so important to service the unit annually, especially in Florida where no A/C is not a great option!

If it breaks, should I repair or replace my AC system?

If your AC does break down, whether or not you choose to repair it or replace the system depends on how old your equipment is, the cost and nature of the repairs needed, applicable warranties and your personal budget.

At Kobie Complete, we recommend that if your air conditioner is more than six years old, you may want to seriously consider replacement. Once a system is older than six years or so, repairs become very costly. Also, technology has greatly improved in the performance and cost of air conditioning and heating units in the last few years.

Upgrading to a new system can save you a lot of money on your monthly energy bills and can be made more affordable with the many rebate programs for retrofitting older AC systems that are being offered this year. Financing is also an option for some as are grants for some low income qualifying individuals that are usually offered at the county level.

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Published on October 16, 2011 - Author: Kobie Complete

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