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Duct Cleaning in Sarasota and Charlotte County

Although not part of routine maintenance, your HVAC system’s ductwork collects dust, debris, and moisture over time, which can result in the dispersal of allergy-causing mold spores and a musty odor in your home or office. Duct cleaning is the solution to this problem. But did you know that traditional duct cleaning methods, offered by some other HVAC companies, can actually damage your air conditioning system? Instead of using these invasive methods, we employ a strategy known as Duct Sanitation.

Choose our Duct Sanitation over competitors’ Duct Cleaning in Sarasota and Charlotte Counties

BBJ LogoWith the help of products by BB&J Environmental Solutions, Kobie Complete’s sanitation method of duct cleaning treats the source of the problem by halting the production of microorganisms. Our duct cleaning method also increases the operating efficiency of your HVAC system and prolongs its lifespan. The products we use will not stain or bleach surfaces or most fabric, and you don’t have to head for the hills while it is being administered to escape chemical fumes. Our duct sanitation methods are environmentally friendly and registered with the EPA.

How to determine when your ductwork needs to be cleaned:

  • You still seem to find dust everywhere, even after cleaning.
  • You are experiencing allergic reactions and can’t seem to find the source
  • You or a professional have found mold growth in your HVAC system

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