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Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning & Heating

Trane Ductless Air Conditioners

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Ductless AC: Flexible, Cost-Effective and Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

Ductless air conditioners (also known as mini-split air conditioners) are some of the most versatile and energy efficient heating and cooling systems available. They provide targeted comfort control to a single room or to your entire home. A ductless system can save you up to 30% in cooling costs compared to a ducted system.

Like central air conditioners, ductless systems have two main components – an indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit. However, they transport air without the use of ducts. Each indoor unit provides cooling (or even heating) to a single room for maximum control and efficiency.

There are different types of ductless units available that can be mounted to the wall, the ceiling or near the floor. The units can be preset to run on a schedule or operated via remote control.

Is a Ductless HVAC System Right for Me?

Ductless Aesthetics

Ductless air conditioners are extremely versatile. They are most commonly used in the following applications:

  • Enclosed lanais, room additions, garage workshops, wine rooms – any part of your home where adding or extending ductwork is either not possible, too costly, or too invasive.
  • As a supplement your existing central air conditioner. If you melt in the kitchen with the oven on or swelter while getting ready in the bathroom, a ductless system can help you eliminate these “hot spots” in your home.
  • In buildings without existing ductwork or central air conditioning (see Multi-Splits).

Read our blog post to learn more about ductless air conditioners.

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Trane Comfort Specialist LogoTrane’s High Quality Ductless Air Conditioning Systems and Heat Pumps

Your home deserves the best heating and cooling products available. As your local Trane Comfort Specialist, we offer the following models of high-quality Trane mini-split, multi-split, and VRF ductless systems.

Trane Mini-Split (Single Zone) Systems

Trane Ductless Mini Split Systems

Mini-split systems, also known as single-zone systems, are a type of ductless system consisting of an outdoor unit connected to a single indoor unit. A mini-split provides energy efficient cooling or heating comfort to a single room or “zone”.

About the Trane Mini-Split Ductless Systems We Offer

  • A Variety of Models and Price Ranges
  • Heat Pumps and Straight Cool Systems
  • Energy Efficiency from 16 to 38 SEER*
  • Heat Pump Efficiency from 8 to 15 HSPF*
  • Quiet Operation – as Low as 22dB

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Trane Multi-Split (Multi-Zone) Systems

Trane Ductless Multi Split Indoor Unit Collage

Multi-split systems, also known as multi-zone systems, can have up to five indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. Each indoor unit is located in a separate room or “zone”, allowing you to control the temperature in each zone individually. This is an excellent choice for buildings without central AC or existing ductwork.

Need even more temperature control?

Another type of multi-split system, called Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), enables the connected indoor units to heat one room and cool another at the same time. VRF systems do require a minimal amount of ductwork.

About the Trane Multi-Split and VRF Ductless Systems We Offer

  • A Variety of Models and Price Ranges
  • Heat Pumps and Straight Cool Systems
  • Energy Efficiency from 16 to 22 SEER
  • Heat Pump Efficiency from 8.1 to 10.5 HSPF
  • Quiet Operation – as Low as 26dB

All Trane Ductless Systems Come with a 5-10 Year Limited Warranty

  • Warranty Period of 5 Years or 10 Years (depending on the model number)
  • Covering All Parts

If any part of your Trane ductless system fails because of a manufacturing defect under normal use and maintenance within the limited warranty period, Trane will furnish the required replacement part. If the part that fails is the compressor, outdoor coil or indoor coil, Trane will replace the entire unit.

Under the warranty, you are only responsible for shipping and handling charges, any related service labor, diagnosis calls, refrigerant or other service charges related to replacing the warranty part.

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Kobie Complete AC Repair Team

We are a locally owned and operated company, providing our customers with premium air conditioning service since 2002. Our certified technicians provide expert installation, maintenance and repairs for all types of residential and commercial HVAC systems.

  • Licensed, bonded and insured AC company
  • BBB A+ Rated
  • Trane Comfort Specialist, meaning that we have consistently earned over a 95% customer satisfaction rating and achieved a referral rate exceeding 90%.
  • Two Locations in Englewood and Punta Gorda
  • We’re members local Chambers of Commerce, actively sponsoring and supporting local events and charities.
  • FPL Participating Independent Contractor™
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* SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and HSPF = Heating Seasonal Performance Factor

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