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Healthier Indoor Air with Guardian Air

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Flu season is here, and you don’t have to look far to find someone exhibiting the typical symptoms. Once one family member has caught a cold or flu, the very air in your home becomes a germ carrier, as your AC circulates the infected air throughout your home. But, indoor air quality is not only a concern during flu season. Studies show that we, for the sake of energy efficiency, have increasingly sealed off our homes and unwittingly trapped many airborne contaminants inside, including viruses, bacteria, chemical odors, particulates (dust, pet dander, smoke, pollen), mold and mildew. The good news: there is a way to combat these indoor air pollutants; a method so effective, it kills an average of 78%-99% of germs in a human sneeze within three feet of its source.

RGF Environmental Group has spent the last thirty years developing and perfecting their technology for annihilating airborne contaminants. This breakthrough Advanced Oxidation Technology has been widely acclaimed and used successfully in locations such as hospitals, government and commercial buildings, schools, cruise ships, nursing homes, restaurant chains, and private homes.

How it Works

For residential applications, RGF’s product is known as Guardian Air, and there are two different units available – the PHI Cell and the REME (PHI = Photohydroionization and REME= Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy, in case you wanted to know). Both PHI and REME units need to be mounted into your home’s ductwork, just above the AC coil in the air handler. Both units produce what are known as “friendly oxidizers” which are circulated by the air conditioner’s blower fan and basically attack and combine with air pollutants, neutralizing them. The friendly oxidizers then convert back to hydrogen or oxygen after killing the pollutants. These oxidizers are not chemicals, and are safe for continued use as none of them exceed the levels that occur in nature.

With most air purification systems and air conditioning filters, the air is cleaned only when it is circulated directly through the purifier in your vents. But, the Guardian Air system’s purification occurs both in your vents and right in your rooms. The system actually propels the oxidizers out into your rooms’ airspace, attacking the infected air right where it is — even if the pollutants have settled on surfaces. Within about four hours of operation, the Guardian Air will have annihilated between 95-99% of your home’s airborne contaminants. It even removes odors from cooking (fish, anyone?), trash, or chemical cleaners, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.


The Guardian Air PHI cell uses a UV light which reacts with a catalyst to create its friendly oxidizers. The oxidizers created by the PHI cell are up to 95% effective at removing viruses, bacteria, other microorganisms, odors, mold, and smoke. The PHI cell, however, does not remove airborne particulate matter like dust, dander and pollen.

The Guardian Air REME uses electromagnetic energy to combine oxygen and humidity, creating ionized Hydroperoxide plasma, which is 99% effective at removing all of the same airborne pollutants as the PHI cell. The main difference, though, is that this ionized plasma also causes particles of dust, dander, and/or pollen to stick together, making these groups of even very small particles large enough to be caught in an average air conditioning filter. In this way, the REME increases the filter’s particulate filtering efficiency up to 73%. The filter’s efficiency is further enhanced, up to a level of 93%, by the use of a REME Grounded Collector – a type of specialized filter.

Here is a chart comparing all common air filter technologies with the PHI and REME:

Filter Technology Capabilities Comparison

 HEPA FilterFoam/ Fiber FilterCarbon Media FilterElectrostatic PrecipitatorNegative Ion GeneratorOzoneUVElec. GeneratorPHIREME
Small Particulate          
Medium Particulate          
Large Particulate          
Conditioned Space          

Professional installation is required. Of course a Guardian Air unit and a new air conditioner installation can be done at the same time. Both the PHI and REME cells need to be replaced every two years.

Do you think you might be a candidate for the RGF Guardian Air system? For more information, contact Kobie Complete at 941-474-3691, or visit

Published on November 27, 2013 - Author: Mallory Gross

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