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Residential Indoor Air Quality Testing

Kobie Complete is your authorized HomeAdvice™ Provider

homeadvice Your home’s air quality (or otherwise referred as indoor air quality (IAQ) affects you and your family’s life, every day, because most of us spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Common household activities and products can adversely affect indoor air quality: cooking, cleaning, furniture, paint and pets are just a few of the culprits.

Today’s tightly sealed and energy-efficient homes can actually have negative effects on your home’s air quality because they might not be properly equipped to filter and purify the constantly re-circulated air. Without adequate indoor air circulation, pollutants can build up over time, leading to poor indoor air quality.

Pollutants aren’t the only contributors to poor IAQ. Temperature and humidity need to be balanced to create a comfortable and healthy home environment.

  • Are you too warm or cold at times?
  • Are bedrooms not comfortable enough for sleeping?
  • Do you find your home humid in the summer or dry in the winter?
  • Does your home generally feel cool and clammy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your indoor air quality needs to be improved, and that starts with testing it. Let us help you. Have a HomeAdvice™ indoor air quality test done today in your home – it’s simple.

The HomeAdvice™ indoor air quality test measures levels of contaminants that affect your home’s air quality, such as particle allergens (dust, pet dander, pollen), carbon dioxide (can cause stuffy rooms), chemical pollutants (harmful gasses), temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide and radon.

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