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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Testing

Kobie Complete is your authorized BuildingAdvice™ Provider

Building Advice You’re dedicated to improving the health, safety, and productivity of people in the workplace and the community. With BuildingAdvice™ you can quickly and accurately assess indoor environmental quality (IEQ) without interrupting daily operations, and present professional, understandable reports.

Provide better information more easily

Add BuildingAdvice™ to your toolkit and get the latest building IEQ diagnostic technologies available on the market.  Other IEQ analysis tools tend to be clunky and less effective.  BuildingAdvice™ provides several advantages:

  • Easy to set up, wireless, multi-sensor diagnostic monitors.  Continuous space monitoring over a period of a week provides a much more accurate assessment of conditions than instant-read tools.
  • Automatic wireless transmission of data that’s immediately accessible over the internet means you can interpret results and run reports without having to travel back to the job site.
  • Better reports that highlight critical info for decision makers, while backing it up with hourly detailed charts and tables.

BuildingAdvice will improve the accuracy and value of IEQ data collection and reporting, while reducing the overall cost of assessment.

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