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7 Tips to Have Yourself an Energy Saving Christmas in Southwest Florida

7 Tips for an Energy Saving Christmas in Southwest Florida title image

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to save energy! OK, this might seem like a tall order. After all, the holidays wouldn’t be the same without the extra cooking and baking and illuminated decorations. Regrettably, these traditions lead to a spike in your electric bill come January. But never fear – these tips will help you trim energy costs without cutting corners. You and your guests can enjoy a season that’s merry and bright without breaking the bank.

1. “LED” your little lights shine.

LED Christmas lights

LED holiday lights use up to 90% less electricity than standard incandescent lights. Although the initial cost of LED light strings is higher, they are sturdier and last up to 10x longer. Also, LED bulbs are cooler to the touch than incandescent bulbs, posing less risk of fire.

2. Timing is everything.

Timer for outdoor Christmas lights

Use a timer for your lights. This will ensure that you don’t forget to turn them off when they can’t be enjoyed (i.e. late at night or during daylight hours). Consequently, you can end up saving a bundle on electricity.

3. Thwart energy “vampires”.

Power Strip

Even when switched off, your electrical décor still consumes small amounts of electricity. Curb the waste by plugging all of your decorations into power strips. When you switch off the strip, all those lights will stop draining electricity from the wall outlet.

4. Take inspiration from yesteryear.

Traditional Nutcracker holiday decorations

Consider opting for classic decorations that don’t light up. Think wreaths, garland, strings of popcorn, nutcrackers – even candles, under supervision. What are some of your favorite “unplugged” holiday décor ideas?

5. Fire up the grill.


Having a holiday party? Since the Southwest Florida weather is so pleasant at this time of year, consider grilling your main entrees, like turkey or ham. Not only will this save you money on electricity compared to using the oven, but it also won’t heat up your home. Plus, your guests will love it!

6. Avoid using your oven.

Slow cooker

For your next holiday gathering, cooking with a crock-pot or microwave is more energy-efficient than using your oven. Plus, these small appliances won’t make your home uncomfortably warm in the Florida weather.

7. Maybe you can please everyone.

Zoning system

Expecting overnight guests during the holidays? It can be a challenge to maintain a comfortable temperature in every room, to please every guest and family member. A zoning system or ductless mini split units can help keep everyone comfortable by allowing for separate temperature control in different rooms. No more arguments over the thermostat! Plus, you’ll save energy because your air conditioner won’t have to heat or cool the entire house to regulate the temperature in one room.

Bonus Tip: Upgrading your air conditioner or heat pump can help you save energy, too!

Another great way to save on energy over the holidays is to upgrade to a more efficient air conditioner or heat pump. You can even calculate your potential savings with our easy-to-use SEER savings calculator. If you need heating or air conditioning service in North Port or the surrounding communities, call us today – (941) 474-3961.

Last Updated: December 6, 2023

Published on December 5, 2016 - Author: Mallory Gross

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